The percentage of youngsters migrating overseas is constantly increasing at a rapid rate. Considering the rise in the number of students moving abroad, IELTS centers are also growing at the same rate. IELTS centers are always seen full of students who are breaking their back to hit the target band score. They prepare for the IELTS exam with a strong intention to crack it in a single go. Yes, it is an arduous exam and quite different from the English test in your academic exam. 

The IELTS exam is generally designed to test your abilities in the English language. Most of the students from non-English backgrounds find it a strenuous challenge to improve their English skills by just reading notes. Not anymore! Now, technology has made it easy to upgrade your English skills in an engrossing way. In this article, we have highlighted some methods to improve your English skills by using technology. 

Whether it is the education sector or the health sector, technology has entirely revamped every sector and has become an integral part of our lives. In the case of the education sector, it has made it easy for students to gain a voluminous amount of knowledge from anywhere. For students preparing for the IELTS exam, it serves ample benefits to intensify their skills in order to hit the target band score. Do you want to apply for the IELTS exam but don’t know the exact date? Go and check the authentic website of the exam conducting commission and apply for a suitable IELTS exam date. Well, if you haven’t started your preparation yet, make sure to follow the below-mentioned tips to make your learning engaging. 

Go through these points to know how technology can help you upgrade your English skills during IELTS exam preparation: 


With the advent of technology, a number of online as well as offline games are available to improve your English. These games include quizzes, jumble words, fill-ups and matching words.  You can easily learn vocabulary and correct spelling by playing these games. For sure, it is a fun way to magnify your knowledge and broaden your vocabulary. Well, if you don’t know the meanings of some words, you can search them on the Internet and practice using them in your daily life for rapid outcomes. 

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Audio clips

Do you dread the listening section just at the thought of losing concentration, poor grasping power and skipping something important? This happens when your listening skills are not up-to-the-mark. Well, technology can help you excel in the listening section and achieve desirable scores. You can listen to English podcasts, music and conversation between people. Make a habit of listening to improve your focusing ability and grasping power. Constant practice can eliminate all the fears related to this section and you can attempt the exam confidently. Note that whenever you do something with full confidence, there are high chances of success. 


For learners, videos have become the most preferred and interesting way of upgrading their skills. Learning through videos results in quick grasping and better retention. You can watch English movies, web series and other animated videos in your leisure time. To take advantage in the best possible way, turn on the captions, jot down some unique words in a notebook, find their exact meaning and make 2-2 sentences each. Besides this, imitate the characters to improve your pronunciation. Not only this, but watching videos will also improve your listening skills by hearing the dialogues and improve your reading speed when you read captions. This way, technology serves extensive benefits to be proficient in English. 

Exam preparation apps

A plethora of exam preparation apps are available on the app store to make your learning facile. The best part is, you can upgrade the skills required for all the modules by using a single app. These apps provide a wide range of vocabulary words, their actual meaning, synonyms and antonyms. Moreover, these apps include some games based on the vocabulary to test your level. Thus, you can easily keep track of your abilities to know where you need to put more energy. Well, you can also give online mock tests conducted by these apps to take your preparation to the next level. Make sure to master your English proficiency before the IELTS exam date to ace the exam with a high band score.  

Converse with digital voice assistant

If you are an iPhone user, Siri can help you enhance your English speaking skills to a great extent. However, if you are an android user, then Google Assistant can benefit you the same. Just you need to choose an English language and start conversing with your digital voice assistant. You can ask anything in English at your own pace. Make sure not to rush and speak clearly so that the voice assistant can easily understand what you have asked. Conversation with a voice assistant can boost your confidence so that you can speak fluently without any hesitation. The best part is, voice assistants are available 24/7. So, you can easily relish its benefits and boost your skills anytime at your ease. 

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Wrapping up: 

Unquestionably, there are immense benefits of technology in magnifying your skills in English. However, the optimal use of technology is requisite to avoid any negative impacts. So, you can follow the above-mentioned ways to aptly use technology during your IELTS exam preparation.