Who precisely is this Tooka character? The young man from Chicago was shot and died in a gang-related incident in 2012. Is there a rationale for the current level of hostility directed at him? Even though King Von has been dead for eight years at this point, his lyrics and online conversation have catapulted him back into public view.

Let’s find out more information on who Tooka is. Make sure you read everything to obtain a complete understanding of the situation.

Who Exactly Is Tooka?

Shondale Gregory, a young man from Chicago who was 15 years old at the time, preferred to be referred to by his street moniker, “Tooka,” rather than his given name.

How Did He Die?

On January 12, 2012, a vehicle immediately appeared in front of him when Tooka was waiting for his bus at a bus stop. The incident occurred while Tooka was looking straight ahead. The young guy was shot many times after having a brief conversation with a passenger standing outside the vehicle.

Tooka was declared deceased at the site of the incident. Despite this, he was in a position to rush to the hospital closest to him.

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What May Have Been The Motive For His Heinous Killing?

Tooka was his street name in the Windy City, where he operated as a member of the Gangster Disciples (GD). Many people think that the Black Disciples (BD) gang killed him with a gun as punishment for the death of Eddrick Walker (aka Ty), a 17-year-old follower and BD member who was also a member of the gang.

Many people believe that his death by gunshot was the result of the gang’s retaliation for the death of a fellow gang member of the BD. Odee Perry, a member of the BD gang who was just 20 years old, was shot down by members of the GD gang as an act of retaliation for the murder of Tooka.

Gakirah Barnes, Tooka’s best friend, is allegedly suspected of being the one who was responsible for the killing of Odee Perry, as reported by the Daily Mail. According to The Mail, she was “one of the most infamous female gang members in the history of the United States.”

The murder of Tooka’s closest friend at the age of 17 in 2014 was anticipated vengeance for the murder of Odee Perry.

Which Rapper Holds Hatred Against Tooka?

King Von is a rapper. David Barksdale, better known by his street moniker King Dave, established Black Disciples. King Von’s great-great-grandfather is David Barksdale, also known as “King Dave.” A fellow gang member from the O Block on the south side of Chicago gave King Von the alias Odee Perry.

This song, “Smoking Tooka,” refers to the strife between the numerous gangs in Chicago and the verbal assaults that members of these gangs make against one another via song or social media.

After Shondale ‘Tooka’ Gregory became a member of the Black Disciples crew, Chief Keef’s crew Black Disciples murdered (smoked) him while he was still a member of the crew. According to the description provided by the dictionary, “smoking Tooka” is a word used to describe potent marijuana. By referring to the fact that Shondale was a smoker, it is now being utilized to “humiliate” her death.

Because of this one line of hate, Tooka is back in the headlines after an absence of eight years; thus, users of social media are speculating about King Von’s hatred for Tooka.

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Aftermath Of Dead

After Tooka passed away, STL and EBT were renamed “TookaVille” in his honor, and people even began using the phrase “smoking Tooka” as a sign of respect in his memory. This form underwent a rapid transformation at the beginning of 2012 when Chief Keef began repeatedly using the phrase “smoking Tooka” to show disrespect and make fun of his death as a result of TookaVille’s murder of Odee from WIIC City.

2015 saw the release of “Off The Tooka,” a diss track by Chief Keef directed towards STL and EBT. Famous rappers are now beginning to use the phrase “smoking Tooka” to disparage him, making the fight between TookaVille and O’Block much riskier.