In addition to its traditional use in the gaming and entertainment industries, augmented reality is gaining traction in other fields, including medicine, education, marketing, and business, as well as in the public and private sectors of both government and non-government organizations.

There has never been a better opportunity to experiment with some of the most innovative augmented reality applications available for mobile devices. Your smartphone now can experience augmented reality thanks to today’s smartphones having more powerful CPUs as well as cameras that are capable of superimposing immersive visuals on the screen of your smartphone.

1. Houzz

One of the top augmented reality apps for planning interior layouts and design is Houzz, which is also a fantastic platform for retailers of home goods and furnishings. Houzz is an app that focuses mostly on home remodeling, but it also has eCommerce features that enable users to explore and purchase things without leaving the app.

Through the use of augmented reality (AR) and three-dimensional (3D) technology, the “View in My Room” function can insert objects inside a photograph of the user’s house. The resultant picture is very convincing. Even going so far as to demonstrate how the product will appear in a variety of lighting scenarios is included. Customers may virtually shop for a new sofa without leaving their current sofa.

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2. Snapchat

Snapchat is widely regarded as one of the industry’s giants, and it is common knowledge that to maintain one’s position at the pinnacle, one must always seek new methods to innovate. The social media giant has not shied away from this issue and has adopted augmented reality (AR) as one of the pathways to enhance the platform it offers.

In 2021, Snapchat made public its plans to make significant investments in augmented reality technology. In the past, Snapchat integrated augmented reality (AR) into its platform by way of the Snapchat Lenses and Snapchat Filters. Lenses and filters are components of the application that, when used, provide users the ability to transform the appearance of their faces using the camera displays on their mobile devices.

Puppy faces, butterfly faces, and the faces of all kinds of other bizarre creatures are examples. Snapchat has just implemented a scan tool to their app, which allows users to scan objects such as animals or plants, and then Scan recognizes the things that were scanned.

3. Mission To Mars AR

There is no longer any novelty in walking on the moon. The attention of humanity is now focused squarely on the planet known as Mars. You get a taste of what it could be like to be there, as well as an idea of how mankind is presently researching the location, by watching Mission to Mars.

There are films to view instructional things to read, but the augmented reality experiences are far more engaging. You have the option of watching a rocket take off with wide-eyed fascination, attempting to take control of a harrowing landing sequence, or entering Mars via a virtual doorway.

4. Civilisations AR

The BBC’s Civilisations documentary series inspired the creation of an augmented reality app called Civilisations AR. More than 30 unique artifacts spanning the numerous eras and major civilizations of the globe are brought to you via the magic of augmented reality in this experience.

The interactive experience provided by Civilizations AR is the closest thing to being able to get your hands on these priceless artifacts and works of antiquity. Using your phone as an augmented reality viewfinder, you can see each artifact rendered in 3D as if it were real.

You can also check out the interactive elements of one of the greatest augmented reality apps, like X-ray views and narrations, and discover the hidden meanings, histories, and origins of these important cultural artifacts from across the world.

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5. Pokemon GO

The years 2015 and 2016 were the height of popularity for the mobile game Pokemon GO, but its appeal has since waned. Despite this, the app maintains its popularity to this day, and users from a wide variety of backgrounds have shown interest in it.

The software has an augmented reality game that gives the impression of bringing together the fictitious characters from the Pokemon universe with the landmarks and scenery seen in the real world. It is reasonable to assume that augmented reality (AR) has found its place in the world of gaming given that it now has a rating of four out of five stars on the app store and has received over 370,000 reviews.

Players can have conversations with their favorite Pokemon characters and may get momentarily immersed in an entertaining environment. It is important to inspire powerful, positive emotions in individuals to develop good business, and Pokemon GO is an excellent illustration of how this may be accomplished effectively. This is one of the best Augmented Reality Apps among Pokemon fans!