One of the most effective ways to make the most of the limited amount of time that each of us has in a day is to carefully choose how to spend that time. After a stressful day, when you just want to browse through social media and relax, it might be difficult to choose which platform to use since there are so many different options available.

We have produced a list of the top social media apps and websites that you should check out in 2022 and beyond, keeping in mind the rising trends that are occurring in social media.

1. Facebook

Facebook has lost much of its attraction in recent years, as shown by the fact that in 2017 it reported a significant drop in the number of daily users for the very first time. Despite this, it continues to be an important participant in social media.

You may already be aware that Facebook enables users to write posts that include text, images, and videos; participate in groups; buy and sell things via the Facebook marketplace, and do a great deal more. Even in 2022, it is still worthwhile to check out Facebook for the first time if you have never used it before.

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2. Twitter

If you want to keep up with what’s going on in the world around you, Twitter is one of the greatest social media tools you can use. Twitter is the place to go if you want fast information on occurrences that are occurring in different parts of the globe.

The network is currently changing its attention away from writing and sharing tweets and more toward Twitter Spaces, which is essentially a Clubhouse clone for audio rooms. Nevertheless, the microblogging service is slowly but surely becoming less important in today’s contemporary society.

3. Instagram

After beginning as a website where users could edit and share photographs, Instagram has now developed into a social media network that allows users to publish photos, videos, and even short movies, as well as tales similar to those found on Snapchat. You can also utilize the direct messaging option on Instagram to remain in contact with your pals, and the app continues to offer new features regularly to maintain user engagement.

You may also upload photographs and videos to the platform by utilizing the Instagram website on your computer, whether it’s a Mac or a Windows machine. The Instagram app also has a contemporary user interface, which makes using the app a pleasurable experience for its users.

On the other hand, because Instagram is available at no cost to its users, there are advertisements almost everywhere, including on Instagram itself. However, a word of caution is in order. It’s easy to become hooked on scrolling through Instagram Reels, and if you find yourself amid this issue, don’t panic.

4. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is an essential tool for expanding your professional network, even though it isn’t particularly geared toward providing fun as a social networking site. You may discover peers and industry leaders in your profession and connect with them via LinkedIn.

This opens up crucial prospects for career advancement that would not be available without the platform. LinkedIn also provides a job search tool, which you may use to locate employment opportunities that are a good fit for your skill set.

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5. Telegram

Considered one of the best social applications for secret chatting, Telegram has constantly extended its user base; all owing to its user privacy-driven principles. The security of one of the most famous social media networks is what makes this app stand out among its rivals.

From a commercial point of view, the most popular social media platforms firms may communicate with their audience instantaneously. For example, companies and enterprises may establish chatbots on the Telegram platform or utilize Telegram’s channel function to broadcast messages to numerous users at once.

Even after several clampdowns by the government agencies on different social networking sites, Telegram has acquired more popularity in the list of top social media apps in the last few years!