Decide on the proper colour combinations for your walls as the first step in achieving your home décor objectives. You can select the colour kind of your choosing, whether it is aggressive or subtle. 

Two colour combination for bedroom walls is critical to successfully executing the usage of other components in the future. Painting walls is also a terrific opportunity to express yourself artistically, and we’re here to help you take the first step by providing you with some simple colour combination suggestions. 

Painting the inside walls of your house is a complex process. Because you know that you have to choose the finest, your efforts and inventiveness take you on roller-coaster journeys. While you may believe that bright yellow is the best hue for your home, you should discuss this with your spouse to understand that it may also detract from the use of beautiful light colours.

Choosing The Right Two Colour Combination For Bedroom Walls

Choosing the best two-colour combination for your bedroom might be difficult. With the appropriate colour selections for your walls, you can bring your creative side to the table while balancing the colours. 

You may use bright colours like red or grey and contrast them with white, perhaps on particular walls, to create a balanced look.

1. Bold

  • In contrast to previous trends, bold colours are becoming more popular among people all around the world. They function beautifully to make a statement and help you achieve your home décor objectives. 
  • Consider the possibility that you are someone who enjoys vintage and classic components in the corners of your bedroom or other areas of your home. In that scenario, these vibrant hues are an excellent match for each item in question.

2. Subtle

  • Even while the bright colours draw attention, the subtle hues provide a refreshing, cooling, and relaxing influence on the overall atmosphere of the space. They offer the ideal colour combination for walls for individuals who want things to be basic but attractive at the same time. 
  • Each subtle hue also allows the area and makes it seem pleasant, vibrant, and summery throughout the year, regardless of the season.

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How To Balance Two Colour Combination For Bedroom Walls?

Here are some of the tips for you to combine two colors:

1. Yellow & Grey

This colour combination for bedrooms makes a vibrant and dramatic statement, but it also has a unique look because it is not often used together. If you want to make your room even more stunning, you may use tones of white and black to balance out the varied hues.

Yellow & Grey- Two Colour Combination For Bedroom

2. Purple & Beige

If you want to create a tremendous royal décor, the colours purple and beige are the appropriate two-colour combination for your bedroom. They seem like royalty redefined. In a regal setting, both hues contribute to the splendour of the environment; yet, while purple brings life and a dazzling impression to the surroundings, beige works its magic to provide balance and detail.

Purple & Beige- Two Colour Combination For Bedroom
Texture of old craft lilac color paper background with beige line, macro. Structure of vintage abstract purple cardboard with gradient and sand rays pattern. Carton rainbow backdrop.

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3. Blue & Yellow

Another eye-catching colour combination, blue and yellow, promises to keep the bedroom fresh and attractive. The vibrant colours also enable you to express your individuality by using quirky, one-of-a-kind, and bold pieces to further improve the area’s overall appearance.

Blue & Yellow-Two Colour Combination For Bedroom Walls

4. Indigo & White

Make your bedroom walls more lively by using the indigo hue and a splash of white to bring the tones into equilibrium with one another. When coupled with white, an eye-catching bright colour such as indigo produces a startling and soothing end effect. The warm and inviting colours also make it possible to include intriguing features in the space.

Indigo & White

5. Two-Colour Pink

The colour pink has a sedative and relaxing effect. The wall in the bedroom may be painted in one of its many different tones. The colour pink evokes feelings of harmony, passion, and romance—all of which are ideal for the walls of a bedroom. When decorating the walls, choose various colours of pink that represent love, such as baby pink, candy pink, rose pink, or blush pink.

If you are hesitant to add bright raspberry pink or a shocking shade of magenta, then use it only for the borders of the wall, and the rest of the wall can be a soft pink colour. If you are hesitant to add bright raspberry pink or a shocking shade of magenta, then use it only for the borders of the wall.

 Two-Colour Pink- Two Colour Combination For Bedroom Walls

6. Orange With Charcoal

The two-colour combination of charcoal and burnt orange is perfect for the bedroom walls of anybody who like colours that are on the more vibrant side. Orange may serve as an accent colour in the space by being used, for example, on one of the walls or the fabrics.

The use of a charcoal-coloured carpet or bed headrest may help create the ideal warm and inviting atmosphere. The combination of charcoal and burnt orange has a lot of energy, and it would look great with a bed and wardrobe made of wood or white.

Orange With Charcoal

7. Orange & White

The colour orange exudes joy and helps one feel more upbeat. In the bedroom, orange tones contrast well with white. There are an infinite number of shades of orange to choose from, ranging from deep burned orange to bright tangerine. The gentleness and sensitivity of white have a calming influence on the vibrant and striking orange colours.

Consider choosing a brighter, gentler orange with beige undertones to bring in a touch of colour without completely dominating the area if the thought of utilising orange in your home design is still a little daunting to you. For an effect that is both modern and daring, try painting only the corner walls of a white bedroom orange.

Orange & White- Two Colour Combination For Bedroom Walls

8. Blue & White

The use of white and blue as a colour combination in the bedroom produces an environment that is cheery, clean, open, and relaxing. These are two colours that work nicely with one another to generate the desired effect.

This timeless combination—two colour combination for bedroom walls 2019—can be implemented in the bedroom in a variety of different ways. Your bedroom might benefit from an exciting new depth and dimension if you paint the walls in a high-gloss navy blue. Your room will seem much bigger than it is if you paint the walls white.

Blue & White

9. Brown & White

The combination of brown and white is a calming colour scheme that may be used to create a warm and intimate bedroom. The use of two different paint colours in an intriguing design may provide contrast in the bedroom and make the space more appealing. Brown is a terrific colour to use in any area since it can range from deep, rich chocolate to a delicate, subdued taupe.

The use of white creates the impression that there is more room. To create an atmosphere that is conducive to rest in the bedroom, it is best to use wall paints that have muted finishes and come in tones of white and light brown. Choose to paint the walls in alternating splashes of the two colours, or paint one wall in textured brown and the other walls in white. Another option is to paint the walls in alternating solid colours.

Brown & White

10. Cream & Brown

If you paint the walls of your bedroom in the ideal two-colour combination of brown and cream, you can easily make your bedroom seem both cosy and elegant. When using this colour scheme for the walls, keep the walls mostly cream and add a little touch of chocolate brown here and there.

The use of these colour palettes in the space is most successful when paired with wooden flooring. Complement the warm and comforting tones of the wall with complementary brown furnishings, such as a side table, a picture frame, and brown embroidered bed linens.

Cream & Brown