On various occasions, a game is released that has every potential to encapsulate the existing game physics into something that none of us has ever witnessed. These games become an instant hit and a cult classic. Other game developers look at this game either as an envious child or an inspiration.

Today we will be talking about one such gaming franchise that changed the course of the gaming industry with its final part. This gaming franchise is none other than the Uncharted series. You might have watched the recently released Uncharted movie. And yes, Tom Holland’s movie is a good attempt at the origin story of Nathan Drake (Victor Sullivan too)!

But gamers were in awe of a gripping tale jolted with intense cinematic effects even before the story of Uncharted movie was penned down. So, what made the Uncharted franchise so special that gamers still consider it one of the best games ever made?

1. Something Old Served With Everything New

The story of Uncharted follows Nathan Drake, who is a treasure hunter. We solve puzzles and fight goons while in search of treasure. This story might look like the Tom Raider games that we have played since childhood. But Nathan Drake’s tale is something different. 

We go through the astonishing cityscape of Barcelona to the heights of the Himalayas to find the treasure. The story of the Uncharted franchise has a linear progression with the reference of actual places and actual incidents. So, you can pause the game and read about historical events that you don’t know. 

You can also venture into the streets of beautiful cities through the eyes of Nathan Drake. This POV was never seen in any gaming franchise made before Uncharted. 

2. Cinematic Presentation Steals The Show

For decades, big-budget video games were designed to look like films. You might be asking why films? But why not the films? Films are the most popular form of storytelling. While playing the Uncharted franchise, you will get the same or more thrill than watching your favourite movie series (exceptions if your favourite movie series is either Star Wars or Godfather).

While trying to beat the Uncharted games, you will find yourself stuck in a pleasant cognitive loop trying to discover itself using the cinematic medium. The stylized chase sequences and cutscenes will make you feel like you are not only watching a late-night show but also running it according to your own will!

3. Fabulous Game Physics Making Things More Real

Along with a linear story progression and a great cinematic representation, the gameplay of Uncharted is also impeccable. You get various options in movement and gunplay together. The uncharted franchise is not littered with QTEs (Quick Timing Events). Thus, you still control the action rather than just watching it.  

Also, the plot of Uncharted is one of the most kinetic plots that you will ever play on gaming engines. This helps push the plot faster than other competitor games (The Last of Us or Assassin’s Creed franchise).

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4. Consistency Beats The Extravagncy

The Uncharted franchise is so consistent that you will find the same theme music in every part. There are minor changes in drops and beats, but the theme music is absolutely the same. Sony has focused entirely on consistency while making the Uncharted franchise. 

Before Uncharted, Sony developed inconsistent games that failed to resonate with their previous editions. Sony is doing the same thing even after Uncharted (Gran Turismo 7 is the latest example). Sony saved the Uncharted franchise by carrying the same style and tone over the years. 

Nathan Drake has been a quick-witted, adventure-loving person over the years. Victor Sullivan has been the same person having trust issues with others and himself. Elena Fisher is the same righteous journalist, missing all her adventures with the Drake team! This proves that even the smallest consistency could build the most incredible game.

‘Thief’s End’ But Fans Never Wanted It To End

Numerous online polls indicate that fans aggressively ask for another part of Nathan Drake’s story. These polls indicate that Uncharted is one of those great games that paved a straightforward way for more significant games. 

It would be best if you started this incredible journey right away. We promise that it will be one of the best cognitive experiences.