Even while it may seem overwhelming at first, wedding bridal makeup requires a few skincare and cosmetics staples and a few tips of the trade to get you started! So, we will list down some of the best wedding bridal makeup tips to make this daunting process easier!

How to do Wedding Bridal Makeup

1. Use Silver Eye Makeup

Get a flawless look to accentuate your cheeks during this wedding season by using silver eye makeup and soft pink lips. This perfect blend of heavy and delicate makeup accentuates your natural beauty and gives you a serene and contemporary appearance. 

When wearing heavy eye makeup, soft lip colours are always preferred. Apply eye makeup in a contrasting colour to your dress or choose the silver shade, which looks great and is ideal for highlighting your eyes with whatever dress type you pick.

2. Try Sparkle & Smoky Eye

This will be the ideal makeup image for your eyes if you want to seem more attractive. With this glistening and smokey wedding eye makeup, you’ll be the centre of attention. It will be more successful if you choose bright colours since it will make you more desirable to others. Smoky eyeshadow gives this beauty an adult look around her eye area.

3. Try Traditional Royal Look

This design is for folks who like an old-fashioned, classic regal appearance. Please give it a modern twist from an expert hand to make your wedding seem ethnic while contemporary. Dark eyeshadow should be used in contrast to your clothing. 

It will have a regal and aristocratic appearance if you use two dark colour combinations of eyeshadow. Make the eyelashes a bit longer or curlier to give them a more trendy appearance. Yes, don’t forget to accessorise with heavy jewellery that contrasts with your clothes for this style since it makes you seem lovely.

4. Focus On Face Fixing

First and foremost, moisturize the face with your hands to get a soft, smoother texture and an equal skin tone throughout. Just two minutes after that, use a primer from a reputable brand. It aids in the retention of concealer and foundation on the skin. 

This also allows the makeup to remain effective for a more extended period. Use a highlighter on the face to draw attention to higher planes regions such as the Forehead Center, Cheek Bones, and Nose Bridge to get a more radiant appearance.

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5. Use Bronzer

The use of bronzer will result in a sharp and chiselled appearance. Take an angular Blush Brush and apply with strokes on the sides of the chin, the sides of the forehead, and the sides of the nose to ensure proper application. Keep in mind that you should not include their central side. With correct application, you can contour the sides of your face uniformly.

6. Blush Tips

Take a Blush Brush and dab it on the cheeks to add colour. Apply it to your cheeks in a circular motion while maintaining a constant grin. Keep in mind to mix it upward and towards the ears.

7. Lipstick Suggestion

Colour spectacular lip liner is an excellent tool for keeping your lipstick or gloss in the appropriate position. Make sure that you select the precise hue that matches your lip colour, and that will look well with the clothing you’re wearing. 

To avoid having thin lips, do not put liner on the outside of your lips. Apply additional product towards the middle of the lip for a fuller appearance. Colours such as corals, reds, pinks, maroons, and browns are often utilised for Indian wedding makeup.

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8. Hair Conditioning Tips

Deep conditioning/hair masks are recommended to keep your hair looking it’s finest and softest during the wedding. Start applying twice or three times a week a month before the wedding for the most remarkable effects.