There is something about a sexually charged television show that captivates viewers and leaves them wanting more after each new episode. Because of Netflix, users have access to an almost infinite number of streaming alternatives for TV shows that provide romance and the necessary heat and drama. These spicy options will offer you all you want and more, whether searching for a romance series with a fascinating, slow-burning plot or a show where the characters leave nothing to the imagination.

So, we will explore some of the best options for what is hot on Netflix right now!

1. The Sandman

During the last four decades, one comic book series that has garnered the most significant acclaim is The Sandman. The novels by Neil Gaiman are a kind of dark fantasy that explore dreams, reality, and fiction, as well as the unstable connection between them. These works have become required reading for goth youths and literati alike.

Dream of the Endless, also known as Morpheus, immortal embodiment and master of the Nightlands. Sandman is fierce and terrible in his wrath. The adaptation of the comic, published in 1988, is worth watching.

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2. Elite

In the hot Spanish series Elite, streaming on Netflix, romantic triangles, intense conflict, and even murder are all a normal part of life. The series takes place at the fictitious school Las Encinas, located in Madrid, and focuses on the class dynamics of the rich student body. This occurs when three pupils from a lower socioeconomic level are enrolled in the school.

Each season centres on a different murder that the high school kids are connected to in some way as if going through high school wasn’t complicated enough. Despite the dreary setting, each episode of Elite is designed to get your blood pumping and raise your blood pressure.

3. Emily In Paris

Emily in Paris is a story of a young woman named Emily Cooper, played by Lily Collins. The latter moves from Chicago to Paris for a new career opportunity following the breakup of her relationship. Emily is young, attractive, and highly charming. Emily is astonished by how different the culture is in France and how nobody would take you seriously as an American in Paris if you know virtually no French when she first comes there.

4. You

You delve into the most unfiltered aspects of romantic partnerships by emphasizing sexual encounters as Joe does all he can to forge meaningful bonds with other people. You are also one of the sexiest TV shows on Netflix because it allows viewers to follow Joe’s every thought and compels us to view even his most heinous deeds as motivated by the need to form human connections. That alone reasons enough for ‘You’ to be considered one of the sexiest TV shows on Netflix.

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5. Sex Education

Sex Education is last but not least on our list of what is hot on Netflix. The adolescents of Moordale High School are the protagonists of this series on Netflix. The story follows the characters as they negotiate the discomfort of puberty, sexuality, and high school. Although it deals with some serious issues, including sex, sexuality, and gender identity, Sex Education is lighthearted and immensely sexy.

The characters struggle with a wide range of problems, including experiencing pain during sexual activity, negotiating a non-binary identity in a binary society, and being self-conscious about their orgasm face.